Frequently asked questions

What does the executive office service consist of?

This can be described as that service that provides the user a complete professional surrounding, with all the comfort and necessary services to operate a business. This includes a prestigious commercial address, a receptionist that answers their calls, fully-furnished space, fully-equipped and ready-to-use working areas, last generation phones, high-speed internet and clerk assistance. All of this close to mayor meeting points, makes it as easy as walk, connect and start to work.

With regards to traditional offices, the user saves time and money immediately; eliminating the high costs associated with searching for a work location, negotiating rental contracts, implementing the area, getting their own furniture, hiring employees, installing kitchen equipment , enabling a telephone and internet network, training personnel, etc.

How much does the executive office service cost?

We provide different office types in order to cater our customers' diverse needs. These vary according to the number of people working in a space and the equipment they may require. Our services are provided in exchange of a fixed monthly rate that includes maintenance fees, utilities, personnel, city taxes, cleaning, security, etc. Please contact us for a detailed quotation.

How is the price of an office determined?

It is important to clarify that the executive office service is not determined solely by area, given that this is an "all-inclusive" service. The monthly rate is obtained by factoring in the total office space (this includes view, size, shape and special features), the number of work stations (number of people that will be using the space) and additional services that may be required.

Do I need to bring my own office equipment?

No. Our work stations come fully equipped with all you need for your job. The equipment includes ergonomic desks, rotating armchairs, drawers, filers, digital phones for telephone conferences, high-speed internet access and a reception with trained personnel. Just bring your laptop, plug-in and start working. In case you want to bring additional furniture just let us know.

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